• #PresentationMakin’

  • nicoladaviesmedia:

    Video of myself, making a watercolour space card

  • Today I can say I’m proud. This rarely happens. Go to @evallanceuk on Facebook to see the whole video fb.com/evallanceuk #weddingBlockbusters

  • The final final FINAL touches are being done. The end is near. Me eyes sting and I’m moulded into my sofa but come Sunday it will all be worth it! @evallanceuk

  • A fresh Mac that is fast has made life easy once again. 

  • Unfinished work = new tattoos. #BigDave

  • It’s not the youths you want to be scared of in Mynydd isa. It’s bowls club. THEY’LL CUT YA 🔪🔪🔫🔫

  • Everyone has a certain amount of pain they can handle. Today I found my level. 

    I had an amazing day with a brand new paintball company in Wrexham, North Wales. With it being brand new and not yet open to the public, I was able to see the new site first hand. The site even has it’s own graveyard where players can hide behind tombstones and lie in graves. However, within ten minutes I quickly realised paint balling is no fun when you cant shoot back.

    A word of advice should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are filming or photographing paint balling. INSIST you have full protective clothing. I was stupid enough to think I didn’t need a hoodie on. "I’ll be fine. I’m a man. I bet it doesn’t even hurt that much." How wrong I could be. After a shot to the neck and to the arm I realised that sometimes it actually pays to be safe. 

    An amazing day and experience. The videos are set to look awesome. Thanks to  for the photo’s and working with me today. A talented guy so go and check him out.

  • Coming back to North Wales reminds me how lucky I am to have this to come home to. 

  • Coming home always makes me wonder I ever left. We have hook-a-duck…why WOULD you move away?

  • Big up the summers Crew tonight #whitagram

  • This is a standard Wednesday night right?

  • Utter boredom hit yesterday. I don’t even have a reason